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Focus Topic

No 1 (2017): Sexuality

Änderung von Namen und amtlichem Geschlecht bei Transmenschen in der Schweiz: Der lange Weg zur staatlichen Anerkennung

  • Nadia Kuzniar
  • Fiona Savary
March 14, 2018
March 14, 2018


In everyday life, trans people are often the target of discrimination. Switzerland lacks a clear legal basis for the regulation of the legal recognition of trans people. Thus, the rights of trans people are inadequately protected in this area of law and the path to legal recognition is sometimes obstructed by high and – to some extent – discriminatory barriers. Therefore, this article proposes the creation of a new set of rules governing the legal recognition of trans people, which takes into account the newest findings from the fields of medicine and psychology, ensuring that the state acts in a nondiscriminatory way towards trans people.