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Call for Papers: ex ante 1/2019 “Information”


The new ex ante issue which will be published in June 2019 is centered around information. The editorial team cordially invites you to submit your ideas for papers on this topic or for thematically independent contributions.

Information, whether right, whether wrong, affects all of us. Misinformation is an emerging policy tool. More than ever, information is a commodity, and the growing masses of information pose new challenges to society. Information also is governed by law, is a protected right and potentially a legal duty.

An interdisciplinary issue, information raises questions in different areas of law.

The following topics are meant to serve as an inspiration for a contribution on information:

  • Personal rights: informational self-determination as a question of civil and constitutional law
  • Duties of publication in stock exchange law
  • Information bans: banking secrecy, attorney-client privilege, medical secrecy, and other types of professional secrecy
  • Evidence in criminal law as process-relevant information
  • Parliamentary rights to information on the federal and the cantonal level
  • Disclosure rights in corporations
  • Information as a means to a criminal end: Insider trading, fraud through information
  • Automatic exchange of information in transnational relationships
  • Right to information from the counterparty in civil litigation

Topical articles should extend from five tot en A4 pages (20,000–40,000 characters, including spaces).

Apart from topical articles, thematically independent articles can be submitted. Treatises, short contributions, court case and thesis reviews are among the possible contributions. They can be sent it at any time. The ex ante editorial board will work with you to find the best solution for your publication.

Submission of Contributions

You can submit your article via the ex ante online platform.

Articles on the focus topic are to be submitted by January 31, 2019 the latest.

However, we recommend that interested authors let us know beforehand if they wish to submit a contribution (title and brief outline suffice). We can then prevent thematical overlap with other articles. Nevertheless, we are also happy to receive non-announced short-term submissions.

All submissions are to comply with the ex ante author guidelines. These guidelines can be found on our website ( together with further information on the publication process.

We are looking forward to your contributions and are happy to answer any questions that may arise.

The editorial board