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Focus Topic

No 1 (2018): Age

La conservation d’ovules sociétale en droit suisse

  • Valérie Savioz-Viaccoz
April 18, 2019
April 18, 2019


The ageing of the population, the increasing demands of the working world and the desire of many women to develop themselves and achieve personal and professional fulfillment are all reasons that encourage them to postpone their desire for children. Social Egg Freezing allows the most farsighted among them to ignore nature and reserve the use of medically assisted reproduction whenever they wish to do so. Most fertility centers in the country now offer this service. However, the practice is not specifically regulated. However, it raises particularly interesting questions about the status of gametes and the right to dispose of them. It also suggests the existence of new contractual relations, which outlines need to be delineated.